i hate everything about my fucking life, and you probably are sitting there and saying “then change it” but I’ve been changing everything about my life for the past 2 years to try and see if its just my job, or what I’m doing in school or the people i hang out with… I’ve changed my program choice three times, the people i hang out with four times, my job three times and everyday I feel alone, sad and distant from everyone and everything around me. People do nice things for me and I could care less as much as I want to feel happy about it. It’s next to impossible to force myself to be happy. I just feel like i hate everything. 08/24/2014  1:33am

No matches on prints, DNA, dental. Clothing is custom, no labels. Nothing in his pockets but knives and lint. No name, no other alias.

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"Light Rays"                                                                                               

Model: Kimberly Jay